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Test Code
This test is not orderable - must send to PAML with a toxicology Chain of Custody Form and security seal on specimen - FOR WORKPLACE/FORENSIC TESTING ONLY
Specific Gravity is performed with an abnormal Creatinine result. This test may reflex to additional tests depending upon the results of this test.
SynonymsWorkplace; Employer; Forensic; Legal; LegalTox; Toxicology
Container TypeWorkplace Urine Drug Testing Kit
Supply Item NumberSingle - 1178; Split - 1223; If mailing through USPS Single Box Kit - 1176; Split Box Kit - 1187
Specimen TypeUrine
Preferred Volume30 mL
Emergency Minimum Volume15 mL
Collection ProcedureMust follow chain of custody and workplace drug collection protocol.
Required Patient InfoMust have photo ID
StabilityRoom Temp 10 days  Refrigerated 30 days  
Reference LaboratoryPAML
CPT Codes80307
Interface Order Code40000.Z40
Billing CodeSAP950G
Test ScheduleMon-Fri
Turnaround Time12-24 hours TAT for negative results M-F an additional 24 hours for confirmatory testing.
MethodEnzyme Immunoassay
Reference Ranges
Amphetamines ScreenNegative< 500ng/mL
Amphetamines Confirmation GCMSNot Detected< 250ng/mL
Methamphetamine Confirmation GCMSNot Detected< 250ng/mL
Alternate Amphetamines ScreenNegative< 500ng/mL
MDMA2 Confirmation GCMSNot Detected< 250ng/mL
MDA2 Confirmation GCMSNot Detected< 250ng/mL
MDEA2 Confirmation GCMSNot Detected< 250ng/mL
Benzoylecgonine (Cocaine) ScreenNegative< 150ng/mL
Benzoylecgonine (Cocaine) Confirmation GCMSNot Detected< 100ng/mL
Opiate ScreenNegative< 2000ng/mL
Codeine Confirmation GCMSNot Detected< 2000ng/mL
Morphine Confirmation GCMSNot Detected< 2000ng/mL
Alternate Opiate ScreenNegative< 300ng/mL
Hydrocodone Confirmation GCMSNot Detected< 300ng/mL
Hydromorphone Confirmation GCMSNot Detected< 300ng/mL
Oxycodone ScreenNegative< 100ng/mL
Oxycodone Confirmation GCMSNot Detected< 100ng/mL
6MAM ScreenNegative< 10ng/mL
6MAM Confirmation GCMSNot Detected< 10ng/mL
Cannabinoid ScreenNegative< 50ng/mL
THC Confirmation GCMSNot Detected< 15ng/mL
PCP ScreenNegative< 25ng/mL
PCP Confirmation GCMSNot Detected< 25ng/mL
Barbiturates ScreenNegative< 200ng/mL
Amobarbital Confirmation GCMSNot Detected< 200ng/mL
Butalbital Confirmation GCMSNot Detected< 200ng/mL
Pentobarbital Confirmation GCMSNot Detected< 200ng/mL
Phenobarbital Confirmation GCMSNot Detected< 200ng/mL
Secobarbital Confirmation GCMSNot Detected< 200ng/mL
Benzodiazepines ScreenNegative< 200ng/mL
Clonazepam Confirmation LCMSMSNot Detected< 10ng/mL
7 Aminoclonazepam Confirmation LCMSMSNot Detected< 10ng/mL
Flunitrazepam Confirmation LCMSMSNot Detected< 10ng/mL
7 Aminoflunitrazepam Confirmation LCMSMSNot Detected< 10ng/mL
Diazepam Confirmation LCMSMSNot Detected< 10ng/mL
Temazepam Confirmation LCMSMSNot Detected< 25ng/mL
Nordiazepam Confirmation LCMSMSNot Detected< 25ng/mL
Oxazepam Confirmation LCMSMSNot Detected< 25ng/mL
Lorazepam Confirmation LCMSMSNot Detected< 25ng/mL
Alprazolam Confirmation LCMSMSNot Detected< 10ng/mL
Alpha-Hydroxyalprazolam Confirmation LCMSMSNot Detected< 25ng/mL
Flurazepam Confirmation LCMSMSNot Detected< 10ng/mL
Midazolam Confirmation LCMSMSNot Detected< 25ng/mL
Alpha-Hydroxytriazolam Confirmation LCMSMSNot Detected< 25ng/mL
Methadone Metabolite ScreenNegative< 300ng/mL
Methadone Metabolite Confirmation GCMSNot Detected< 100ng/mL
Propoxyphene ScreenNegative< 300ng/mL
Norpropoxyphene Confirmation GCMSNot Detected< 150ng/mL
Specimen ValidityUrine Creatinine
Urine pH
Urine Specific Gravity
NotesThis test is for forensic, employment, or workplace purposes only. A special toxicology account must be set up to send this test. Questions? Call Toxicology Client Services 1-877-778-9590
Reflex Testing
Reflex ConditionReflex Test NameReflex CPT codesReflex Billing codes
If any Analyte in panel positiveReflex testing built into panel, no additional test codes requiredReflex testing built into panel, no additional CPT codes requiredN/A

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