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Test Code
SynonymsEssential Fatty Acids; Omega 3; Omega 6; Omega 7; Omega 9; Omega Fatty Acids; Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids
Container TypeSerum separator tube (gold, brick, SST, or corvac)
Supply Item Numberpicture1467
Specimen TypeSerum
Preferred Volume0.5 mL
Emergency Minimum Volume0.15 mL
Patient PrepPatient must fast overnight for 12-14 hours. Patient must not consume any alcohol for 24 hours prior to collection.
Specimen ProcessingSeparate serum or plasma from cells ASAP or within 45 minutes of draw and transfer to a standard PAML aliquot tube. Freeze immediately.
Store and TransportFrozen - Separate samples must be submitted when multiple tests are ordered.
Required Patient InfoPatient's age is required. Include information regarding treatment, family history, and tentative diagnosis.
StabilityRoom Temp 2 days  Refrigerated 1 week  Frozen (-20 °C) 3 months  
Unacceptable ConditionGrossly hemolyzed, icteric, lipemic, or non-fasting specimens.
Alternate SpecimensGreen (sodium or lithium heparin) or lavender (EDTA) or plain red top
CPT Codes82542
Interface Order Code82544.Z31
Billing CodeFAPES.LCA
Test ScheduleVaries
Turnaround Time5-10 days
MethodQuantitative Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry/Stable Isotope Dilution
Reference Ranges
Interpretation, Fatty Acids Profile SP
Arachidic Acid, C20:011-46nmol/mL
Arachidonic Acid, C20:4w6340-1090nmol/mL
DHA, C22:6w375-350nmol/mL
DPA, C22:5w37-50nmol/mL
DPA, C22:5w66-65nmol/mL
DTA, C22:4w610-40nmol/mL
Docosenoic Acid, C22:11-10nmol/mL
EPA, C20:5w35-90nmol/mL
Hexadecenoic Acid, C16:1w914-95nmol/mL
Lauric Acid, C12:04-360nmol/mL
Linoleic Acid, C18:2w6380-3000nmol/mL
a-Linolenic Acid, C18:3w35-150nmol/mL
h-g-Linolenic, C20:3w630-240nmol/mL
g-Linolenic Acid, C18:3w67-50nmol/mL
Mead Acid, C20:3w93-50nmol/mL
Myristic Acid, C14:020-420nmol/mL
Nervonic Acid, C24:1w930-160nmol/mL
Oleic Acid, C18:1w9740-3900nmol/mL
Palmitic Acid, C16:01090-3840nmol/mL
Palmitoleic Acid, C16:1w750-590nmol/mL
Stearic Acid, C18:0280-1250nmol/mL
Vaccenic Acid, C18:1w765-280nmol/mL
Triene Tetraene Ratio0.006-0.052
Total Saturated Acid1.5-5.3mmol/L
Total Monounsaturated Acid0.9-4.7mmol/L
Total Polyunsaturated Acid1.1-4.8mmol/L
Total w30.12-0.50mmol/L
Total w61.0-4.4mmol/L
Total Fatty Acids4.5-15.0mmol/L
EER Fatty Acid Profile, Essential SP
Compliance RemarksThis test was developed and its performance characteristics determined by ARUP Laboratories. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved or cleared this test; however, FDA clearance or approval is not currently required for clinical use. The results are not intended to be used as the sole means for clinical diagnosis or patient management decisions.
NotesOrdering Recommendation: Identification of patients with essential fatty acid deficiency, evaluation of nutritional status, and diet monitoring. This test does not screen for disorders of peroxisomal biogenesis/function.

Interface Codes
typeorder codetest descriptionresult coderesult descriptionunitsdecimal placesloinc code
o2013518Fatty Acid Profile, Essential
o82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential
r2013518Fatty Acid Profile, Essential2013519Interpretation  24461-6
r2013518Fatty Acid Profile, Essential2013549EER Fatty Acid Profile  
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z1Lauric Acid, C12:0nmol/mL 35150-2
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z10Vaccenic Acid, C18:1w7nmol/mL 35167-6
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z11Stearic Acid, C18:0nmol/mL 35149-4
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z12EPA, C20:5w3nmol/mL 35173-4
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z13Arachidonic Acid, C20:4w6nmol/mL 35168-4
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z14Mead Acid, C20,3w9nmol/mL 35172-6
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z15h-g Linolenic, C20:3w6nmol/mL 35171-8
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z16Arachidic Acid, C20:0nmol/mL 35169-2
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z17DHA, C22:6w3nmol/mL 35174-2
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z18DPA, C22:5w6nmol/mL 35181-7
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z19DPA, C22:5w3nmol/mL 35180-9
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z2Myristic Acid, C14:0nmol/mL 35157-7
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z20DTA, C22:4w6nmol/mL 35182-5
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z21Docosenoic Acid, C22:1nmol/mL 35160-1
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z22Nervonic Acid, C24:1w9nmol/mL 35170-0
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z23Triene Tetraene Ratio 335411-8
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z24Total Saturated Acidmmol/L135175-9
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z25Total Monounsaturated Acidmmol/L135176-7
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z26Total Polyunsaturated Acidmmol/L135177-5
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z27Total w3mmol/L235178-3
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z28Total w6mmol/L135179-1
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z29Total Fatty Acidsmmol/L124461-6
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z3Hexadecenoic Acid, C16:1w9nmol/mL 35155-1
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z30Interpretation  24461-6
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z4Palmitoleic Acid, C16:1w7nmol/mL 35162-7
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z5Palmitric Acid, C16:0nmol/mL 35161-9
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z6g-Linolenic Acid, c18:3W6nmol/mL 35163-5
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z7a-Linolenic Acid, C18:3w3nmol/mL 35164-3
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z8Linoleic Acid, C18:2w6nmol/mL 35165-0
r82544.Z31Fatty Acids Profile, Essential82544.Z9Oleic Acid, C18:1w9nmol/mL 35166-8