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Test Code
If testing is performed at PSC use the workpar KOH or Flexi ordercode KOHPRP. If testing is done at PSHMC use the workpar FSM.
For vaginal specimens, refer to workpar WET-MNT (PSC) or WMSH (PSHMC).
This test is included when ordering Culture, Fungus (CFC) and Culture, Fungus Skin, Hair, and Nails (CFS), and does not need to be ordered separately.
SynonymsKOH Prep
Container TypeSterile plastic container
Supply Item Numberpicture1387
Specimen TypeHair, skin, nails, respiratory secretions, tissue, body fluids
Collection ProcedureCollect samples in a sterile container. Do not put hair, skin scrapings, or nail clipings in bacterial transport medium with a culture swab. Swabs are generally not recommended for the collection of material from open wounds or draining lesions because these sites are frequently contaminated with environmental microorganisms.
Store and TransportAmbient (room temperature)
StabilityRoom Temp 3 days  Refrigerated 3 days  Frozen (-20 °C) Unacceptable  Frozen (-70 °C) Unacceptable  
Unacceptable ConditionDo not submit specimens in gauze.
CPT Codes87206
Interface Order Code87205.Z28
Billing CodeFSM
Test ScheduleDaily
Turnaround Time1-2 days
Test IncludesSource; Result; Status
Reference Ranges
No fungal elements seen
Budding yeast seen
Budding yeast with pseudohyphae seen
Hyphal elements seen

Interface Codes
typeorder codetest descriptionresult coderesult descriptionunitsdecimal placesloinc code
o87205.Z28Fungus Stain Only
o87206.Z4Fungus Stain
r87205.Z28Fungus Stain Only87205.Z29Fungus Stain Only  21003-9
r87205.Z28Fungus Stain Only87205.Z30Report Status  8251-1