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Test Code
SynonymsTestosterone Binding Globulin, Estradiol Binding Globulin, SHBG
Container TypeSerum separator tube (gold, brick, SST, or corvac)
Supply Item Numberpicture1467
Preferred Volume1 mL
Emergency Minimum Volume0.5 mL
Collection ProcedureCollect all blood samples observing universal precautions for venipuncture. Allow serum to clot adequately before centrifugation. Keep tubes stoppered.
Specimen ProcessingSeparate serum from cells ASAP and transfer to a standard PAML aliquot tube.
Store and TransportRefrigerated
StabilityRoom Temp 8 hours  Refrigerated 1 week  Frozen (-20 °C) 1 month  
Unacceptable ConditionEDTA plasma
Alternate SpecimensHeparinized plasma
LimitationsThaw samples no more than two times. Severely icteric specimens may produce erroneous results.
CPT Codes84270
Interface Order Code84270.Z1
Billing CodeSHBGL
Test ScheduleTue-Sat days
Turnaround Time1-3 days
Reference Ranges
Sex hormone Binding Globulinnmol/L
Male1-30 days13-85
31-364 days70-250
1-3 years50-180
4-6 years45-175
7-9 years28-190
10-12 years23-160
13-15 years13-140
16-17 years10-60
18+ years11-80
Tanner Stage I26-286
Tanner Stage II22-169
Tanner Stage III13-104
Tanner Stage IV11-60
Tanner Stage V11-71
Female1-30 days14-60
31-364 days60-215
1-3 years60-190
4-6 years55-170
7-9 years35-170
10-12 years17-155
13-15 years11-120
16-17 years19-145
18+ years30-135
Tanner Stage I30-173
Tanner Stage II16-127
Tanner Stage III12-98
Tanner Stage IV14-151
Tanner Stage V23-165

Interface Codes
typeorder codetest descriptionresult coderesult descriptionunitsdecimal placesloinc code
o84270.Z1Sex Hormone Binding Globulin
r84270.Z1Sex Hormone Binding Globulin84270.Z1Sex Hormone Binding Globulinnmol/L113967-5