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Test Code
SynonymsFat, Quantitative; Fecal Fat, Quantitative; Fecal Lipids; Quantitative Fecal Fat; Stool Fat, Quantitative; Total Fat, Quantitative; Fat, Fecal Quantitative, Homogenized Aliquot
Container TypeLabCorp approved stool collection kit, containing a 1 gallon can, absorbent sheet, armlock o-ring, and a leakproof plastic bag
Supply Item Numberpicture4450
Specimen TypeStool, 72 hour
Preferred VolumeEntire collection or 5-25 mL of a homogenized aliquot
Patient PrepAdult patients should be on a standard diet containing 50 to 150 g of fat per day for at least three days before test is started and during the 72-hour collection. In children, the amount of fat in the diet should be constant for one day before the test and during the test. The patient should not have had mineral oil as a laxative prior to specimen collection.
Collection ProcedureCollect stool directly into can. Do not fill any can more than 2/3 full. Secure lid with pressure and firmly attach the O-ring. State collection time on the can label. Place the can and the absorbent sheet into the leakproof plastic bag and seal. Send the entire can, or if submitting aliquot, follow this procedure:

1. Weigh specimen and collection container and subtract the weight of an empty container of same type (one-gallon can weight with lid: 360 g metal or 320 g plastic container). This is the "net weight" to be recorded on the test request form.

2. Open the container and observe whether the contents are liquid. If liquid stool, secure the lid, mix, and submit an aliquot of the total collection. If solid stool, add deionized water (approximately 500 mL) to the specimen container and mix thoroughly to create a homogenous specimen. Submit a 5 to 25 mL aliquot of the total collection in an sterile specimen cup (supply item #1387).

3. Record on both the container and the test request form the amount of water added to liquefy the stool or if no water was required.
Specimen ProcessingBOTH the container and the test request form MUST STATE COLLECTION TIME (in hours). Collections of 24 or 48 hours are not recommended since results are subject to greater variability. Also, please indicate the patient's age on the test request form.
Store and TransportRefrigerated
Required Patient InfoHours of collection, sample weight, and water volume added
StabilityRoom Temp 5 days  Refrigerated 2 weeks  Frozen (-20 °C) 2 weeks  
Unacceptable ConditionContainer more than 2/3 full; container leaking; improper container (ie, non-LabCorp-approved paint can, paper cartons, coffee cans, plastic bags, etc); foreign matter other than feces inside of container (ie, spoons, tongue depressors, plastic bags, toilet paper, etc); patient not on special diet; improper labeling of container or test request form; specimen on outside of container; specimen contaminated with urine; aliquot without "net weight" and "amount of water added" to homogenize the sample.
CPT Codes82710
Interface Order Code82710.Z7
Billing CodeFATQNT.LCA
Test ScheduleMon, Wed, Thu
Turnaround Time3-4 days
MethodExtraction, Spectrophotometry
Reference Ranges
Collection Periodhr
Fecal Total Weightg
Fecal Fats0-18 years0.0-3.1g/24h
> 18 years0.0-7.1
NotesProvide weight of entire collection, volume of water added for homogenization (if applicable), and duration of collection. Complete information is required in order to perform accurate calculations. If weight and time are not provided, the specimen is assumed to be a random collection. Alternative testing can be performed. See Fat, Fecal Qualitative.

Interface Codes
typeorder codetest descriptionresult coderesult descriptionunitsdecimal placesloinc code
o001354Fat Quantatitive
o82710.Z7Fat, Fecal Quantitative
r82710.Z7Fat, Fecal Quantitative82710.Z3Quantitative Fat, Fecalg/d116142-2