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Test Code
This workpar is to be used for tests that are not being performed at PSHMC.
SynonymsUrine, Dipstick
Container TypeLeakproof plastic urine container
Supply Item Numberpicture1387
Specimen TypeRandom urine
Preferred Volume10 mL
Emergency Minimum Volume2 mL
Collection ProcedureCollect a random urine specimen.
Specimen Processing10 mL aliquot of a random urine specimen. Protect from light.
Store and TransportRefrigerated
StabilityRoom Temp 2 hours  Refrigerated 1 day  
Unacceptable ConditionSpecimens that have been at room temperature longer than 2 hours.
LimitationsProtect from light.
CPT Codes81003
Billing CodeDPS
Test ScheduleDaily
Turnaround Time1-2 days
Test IncludesCollection Method; Color; Appearance; Glucose, Urine, mg/dL; Bile, Urine; Ketones, Urine, mg/dL; Specific Gravity; pH, Urine; Protein, Urine, mg/dL; Urobilinogen Screen, Urine, mg/dL; Nitrite, Urine; Blood, Urine; Leukocyte Esterase
Reference Ranges
Collection Method
Glucose, UrineNegativemg/dL
Bile, UrineNegative
Ketones, UrineNegativemg/dL
Specific Gravity1.001-1.030
pH, Urine5.0-7.5
Protein, UrineNegativemg/dL
Urobilinogen, Urine0.2-1.0
Nitrite, UrineNegative
Blood, UrineNegative
Leukocyte EsteraseNegative

Interface Codes
typeorder codetest descriptionresult coderesult descriptionunitsdecimal placesloinc code
o81003Urinalysis, Dipstick Only
r81003Urinalysis, Dipstick Only81000.Z10Proteinmg/dL05804-0
r81003Urinalysis, Dipstick Only81000.Z13Collection Method  19159-3
r81003Urinalysis, Dipstick Only81000.Z14Blood  20409-9
r81003Urinalysis, Dipstick Only81000.Z17Specific Gravity 32965-2
r81003Urinalysis, Dipstick Only81000.Z2Urobilinogenmg/dL120405-7
r81003Urinalysis, Dipstick Only81000.Z5Color  5778-6
r81003Urinalysis, Dipstick Only81000.Z7Leukocyte Esterase  5799-2
r81003Urinalysis, Dipstick Only81000.Z8Nitrite  5802-4
r81003Urinalysis, Dipstick Only81005.Z2Glucosemg/dL05792-7
r81003Urinalysis, Dipstick Only81005.Z3Ketonesmg/dL05797-6
r81003Urinalysis, Dipstick Only81005.Z4Bilirubin  5770-3
r81003Urinalysis, Dipstick Only81005.Z6Reducing Substances, Urinemg/dL032147-1
r81003Urinalysis, Dipstick Only81015.Z43Ictotest for Bilirubin 0
r81003Urinalysis, Dipstick Only82128.Z10Clinitest  2349-9
r81003Urinalysis, Dipstick Only83986.Z1pH  5803-2
r81003Urinalysis, Dipstick Only83999.Z27Appearance  5767-9