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Test Code
Additional CPT modifiers may be required for procedures performed to test for oncologic or inherited disorders.
SynonymsCeliac Disease
Container TypeEDTA (lavender top tube) or K2EDTA (pink top tube)
Supply Item Numberpicture1222 (2) and picture1055
Specimen TypeWhole blood
Preferred Volume5 mL
Emergency Minimum Volume3 mL
Store and TransportRefrigerated
Required Patient InfoHLA test request form and Consent Form are recommended
StabilityRoom Temp 3 days  Refrigerated 1 week  Frozen (-20 °C) Unacceptable  
Unacceptable ConditionSodium or lithium heparin whole blood (green top tube)
Alternate Specimens10 mL ACD A or B whole blood (yellow top tube)
CPT Codes81382
Billing CodeHLADQB
Test ScheduleMon-Fri
Turnaround Time7-10 days
MethodPCR/Sequence specific Oligo probe
Test IncludesClass II locus DQB, Allele 1, Class II locus DQB, Allele 2, HLA-DQ Oligotyping Interp
Reference Ranges
Class II locus DQB, Allele 1
Class II locus DQB, Allele 2
HLA-DQ Oligotyping Interp
The presence of a disease associated HLA combination does not establish a diagnosis. If less than 2 alleles are reported for a locus, the patient is likely homozygous. Rare diagnostic errors can occur due to primer or probe site mutations. This test is not sufficient for comprehensive HLA evaluation for clinical hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Counseling and informed consent are recommended for genetic testing. Consent forms are available online at www.aruplab.com.

Interface Codes
typeorder codetest descriptionresult coderesult descriptionunitsdecimal placesloinc code
o83999.Z85HLA-DQB Genotyping
r83999.Z85HLA-DQB Genotyping83999.Z82Class II, Locus DQB, Allele 1  50019-9
r83999.Z85HLA-DQB Genotyping83999.Z83Class II, Locus DQB, Allele 2  50019-9
r83999.Z85HLA-DQB Genotyping83999.Z84HLA DQ Oligotyping Interp  50019-9