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Test Code
Container TypeVCM medium or equivalent
Supply Item Numberpicture1785K or picture1785
Specimen TypePreferred Specimen: Lower respiratory secretions/washes, nasopharyngeal aspirate or lung tissue, submitted in VCM or equivalent.
Preferred Volume5 mL
Emergency Minimum Volume2 mL
Collection ProcedureArterial or cardiac tissue. Dilute 1 part specimen and 1 part transport media. Avoid wooden shaft swabs. Ship frozen on dry ice.
Store and TransportFrozen -70C - Separate samples must be submitted when multiple tests are ordered.
Required Patient InfoSpecimen source
StabilityRoom Temp Unacceptable  Refrigerated 2 days  Frozen (-20 °C) Unacceptable  Frozen (-70 °C) 1 week  
Unacceptable ConditionSputum; whole blood; specimen not received in VCM or equivalent; received room temperature
Alternate SpecimensThroat/nasopharyngeal swab; eye-conjunctiva; ear drainage/aspirate; arterial tissue; cardiac tissue; pericardial tissue or synovium tissue submitted in VCM medium or equivalent.
LimitationsTransport media must specify that it is suitable for chlamydia isolation.
CPT Codes87110, 87140
Interface Order Code87110.Z6
Billing CodeCHLPC
Test ScheduleMon-Sat
Turnaround Time4-5 days
MethodTissue Culture/Immunofluorescence
Reference Ranges
Chlamydia pneumoniae CultureNo Chlamydia pneumoniae isolated
Clinical SignificanceChlamydophila pneumoniae, formerly called chlamydia pneumoniae, is recognized as a common cause of atypical pneumonia and other acute respiratory diseases. Culture offers presumptive diagnosis and guidance for antibiotic selection.

Interface Codes
typeorder codetest descriptionresult coderesult descriptionunitsdecimal placesloinc code
o87110.Z6Chlamydia pneumoniae Culture
r87110.Z6Result87110.Z6Result  21184-7