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Test Code
Container TypeCapped syringe designed for blood gases
Supply Item NumberClient supplied
Specimen TypeArterial whole blood
Preferred Volume1 mL
Minimum Volume0.2 mL
Collection ProcedureContact nearest hospital
Specimen Processing1 mL arterial whole blood with 120 IU lyophilized heparin added to syringe designed for blood gases. Cap with stopper. Test must be performed immediately upon obtaining specimen. Maximum stability is 1 hour on ice.
Required Patient InfoPatient's temperature
Alternate SpecimensHeparin tube
LimitationsSome plastic syringes may allow loss of oxygen
CPT Codes82803
Billing CodeABG
Test ScheduleDaily and STAT
Turnaround Time1-2 days
MethodIon Transfer Electrode/Potentiometry/Co-oximeter
Test IncludespH; PCO2, mm Hg; PO2, mm Hg; O2 Content, vol%; O2 SAT, %; HCO3, mmol/L; BE, mmol/L; Base Excess, mmol/L; Base Deficit, mmol/L; Hgb, g/dL; CO Hgb, %; Met Hgb, %; O2, %; Additional Data
Reference Ranges
pH            7.37-7.47
PCO2          32-43                mm Hg
PO2           65-80                mm Hg
O2 Content    15-23                Vol %
O2 SAT        92-99.9              %
HCO3          23-28                mmol/L
BE            -2.5 to +2.5         mmol/L
Base Excess   0.0-2.5              mmol/L
Base Deficit  0.0-2.5              mmol/L 
Hemoglobin                         g/dL
 0-3 days            14.5-22.5
 3-7 days            13.5-21.5
 7-14 days           12.5-20.5
 14-30 days          10.0-18.0
 30-60 days          9.0-14.0
 2-6 mo              10.5-13.5
 6-24 mo             11.5-13.5
 2-6 yrs             11.5-13.5
 6-12 yrs            11.5-15.5
 12-18 yrs     M     13.0-16.0
 18 yrs+       M     13.7-16.7
 12-18 yrs     F     12.0-16.0
 18 yrs+       F     11.6-15.5
Co Hgb        1-3                 %
Met Hgb       0.4-1.5             %
O2                                %
Additional Data

Interface Codes
typeorder codetest descriptionresult coderesult descriptionunitsdecimal placesloinc code
o82803Blood Gases, Arterial
r82803Blood Gases, Arterial82803.Z10CO Hgb%120563-3
r82803Blood Gases, Arterial82803.Z11Met Hgb%12614-6
r82803Blood Gases, Arterial82803.Z2pH 22744-1
r82803Blood Gases, Arterial82803.Z22BDmmol/L11922-4
r82803Blood Gases, Arterial82803.Z23O2%03150-0
r82803Blood Gases, Arterial82803.Z24Additional data  
r82803Blood Gases, Arterial82803.Z3pCO2mm Hg02019-8
r82803Blood Gases, Arterial82803.Z4pO2mm Hg02703-7
r82803Blood Gases, Arterial82803.Z5O2 ContentVol %119218-7
r82803Blood Gases, Arterial82803.Z6O2 Sat%12708-6
r82803Blood Gases, Arterial82803.Z7HCO3mmol/L11960-4
r82803Blood Gases, Arterial82803.Z8BEmmol/L11925-7
r82803Blood Gases, Arterial82803.Z9Hgbg/dL114775-1